Nissan Sylphy 1.6 SSS DIG-T (A) Price Graph
Price Date COE QP ($)
spacerUpspacer$143,300 with COE
21-Oct-2016$56,410 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$139,300 with COE
14-Oct-2016$53,001 (CAT B)
spacer$138,300 with COE
06-Oct-2016$53,001 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$138,300 with COE
22-Sep-2016$55,501 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$140,300 with COE
19-Aug-2016$56,500 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$137,300 with COE
21-Jul-2016$57,508 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$134,300 with COE
08-Jul-2016$56,089 (CAT B)
spacer$138,300 with COE
24-Jun-2016$57,010 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$138,300 with COE
10-Jun-2016$56,000 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$125,988 with COE
04-Jun-2016$49,156 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$124,988 with COE
31-May-2016$49,156 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$123,988 with COE
20-May-2016$49,156 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$125,988 with COE
06-May-2016$51,010 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$124,988 with COE
22-Apr-2016$49,602 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$121,988 with COE
08-Apr-2016$47,000 (CAT B)
spacer$124,988 with COE
24-Mar-2016$46,502 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$124,988 with COE
11-Mar-2016$47,604 (CAT B)
spacer$122,988 with COE
18-Feb-2016$46,970 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$122,988 with COE
05-Feb-2016$38,610 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$128,988 with COE
22-Jan-2016$50,089 (CAT B)
spacer$131,988 with COE
07-Jan-2016$54,920 (CAT B)