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Seat will develop CNG technology for the Volkswagen Group
13 Apr 2018
Spanish carmaker Seat has positioned itself as the brand of reference in the Volkswagen Group's Compressed Natural Gas strategy.
Last CNG taxi scrapped, gas cars down to 1,000
29 Jan 2018
The last of TransCab's Compressed Natural Gas taxis was scrapped last month, due to limited refuelling stations and poor cost advantages over normal cabs.
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TransCab to scrap 80 taxis that failed inspection
26 May 2017
TransCab has announced that it will scrap 80 compressed natural gas-powered taxis that have failed Land Transport Authority inspections.
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CNG vehicles less likely to catch fire than petrol models
26 May 2017
According to experts, compressed natural gas vehicles have a far lower chance of bursting into flames than petrol models.
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Private CNG vehicles must undergo checks by 9th June
25 May 2017
The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced that it is now requiring all compressed natural gas vehicles to undergo an inspection by 9th June.
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CNG vehicle checks widened beyond taxis
24 May 2017
The Land Transport Authority is requiring all CNG vehicles to undergo inspections at authorised inspection centres by 9th June.
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CNG cabs must get safety check by tomorrow
24 May 2017
All Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) taxis are required to pass an inspection by tomorrow, this comes after two recent incidents of CNG taxis catching fire.
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Experts say blasts rare but vehicle fires on the rise
03 May 2017
Four men, including an SCDF Officer who Malay Daily Berita Harian identified as Mr. Eka Putra, 20, were injured in Sunday's incident.
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Number of CNG cars dwindling
13 Oct 2014
The popularity of compressed natural gas (CNG) as an alternative fuel is fast fizzling out due to a multitude of factors.
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Hyundai exhibits two new powertrain concepts to boost fuel efficiency
09 Oct 2014
Hyundai has unveiled its latest fuel efficient powertrain innovations at the Paris Motor Show, as well as showcasing its leadership in Fuel Cell technology.
Bentley to race second Continental GT3 in Pirelli World Challenge
23 Aug 2014
Dyson Racing Team Bentley has announced that its second Continental GT3 will enter the Pirelli World Challenge starting this weekend.
Number of CNG vehicles going down
20 Aug 2013
The increased local tariffs and reduced rebates on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles imposed by the Government has affected their popularity.
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Audi A3 TCNG e-gas project points the way to future methane-powered cars
17 May 2011
Audi is embarking on a programmed to harness alternative sources of energy to produce hydrogen, which will be eventually be used to power methane or hydrogen-driven cars
Engines of the future
01 Nov 2010
The Internal Combustion Engine has been the backbone to modern civilisation for the last century. We take a look at how one of the most important inventions of our time has been modernised for the fut...
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The finer points of CNG vehicles
21 May 2010
Global warming is a growing concern for drivers and manufacturers everywhere. Unfortunately, the technologies that will eventually replace fossil fuels are still in their infancy. There is however a s...
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