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Depreciation $12,400 /yr
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Reg Date 20-Mar-2015
(6yrs 9mths 1day COE left)
Manufactured 2014
Mileage 92,000 km (28.3k /yr) spacer
Transmission Auto spacer
Engine Cap 3,198 cc spacer
Curb Weight 2,160 kg
Fuel type Diesel spacer
Features Ford Ranger T6 3.2L Turbo 200HP. spacer
Accessories New Leather Seats Canopy Cover Sport Rims Fenders Front And Rear Light Mask. spacer
COE $39,268
OMV $22,475
ARF $23,465
Dereg Value $26,530 as of today (change)
No. of Owners 2
Type of Veh Truck spacer
Category Direct Owner Sale spacer
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Posted on: 05-Jun-2018  |  Last Updated on: 12-Jun-2018
Upfront Payment
Transfer Fee $25
Down Payment

$8,380 (change)

Maximum 90% Loan

1st Instalment $1,145
Total Upfront Payment $9,550  (excluding insurance)
Estimates based on 90% loan at 3.4% interest rate. Check with seller for exact figure.
Seller Information
Contact Person(s) Javier

Contact No. 93831326

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