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Fast, professional and reliable servicing  Posted on 29-Sep-2014
  • Technical Expertise5.0
  • Customer Service5.0
  • Value for money4.0
  • Outlet Experience4.0
Mr William and his team have did a great job for my company vehicle and his 21 point check is really got check! Under his customer copy of the invoice, he got state all the condition of the car and advise me if anything need to be change for the next servicing.

He also changed my rear and front blubs that have long died before the servicing.

The engine oil he used is also API-SN, which is one of the latest standards in the engine oil industry. I don't really feel much differences thou. But i am more rest assured with the condition of my company car as it is getting very old.

Lastly, for those who want to patronize this honest workshop, the boss is also very hardworking, i always see him hands on with the cars. I try to bargain the price abit, and he give me a $10 discount when i like his facebook fanpage, I even like their instagram page. but still. Only $10 discount given.

Will go back for the next servicing. Definitely.

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One of the best workshops around!  Posted on 16-Sep-2014
  • Technical Expertise5.0
  • Customer Service5.0
  • Value for money4.0
  • Outlet Experience4.0
My Estima has been having an exhaust fumes issue whenever I accelerate past a certain rpm. The whole cabin will be filled with the fumes and it is both irritating and harmful to my family. I decided to bring it down to Kaizen for a check after reading up on them. I met William the owner and explained the issue to him. He is a very knowledgeable and patient person especially when it comes to Toyota and Lexus makes. He and his team checked the exhaust system for leakages and found none. He suggested to remove the rear bumper as there might be missing seals. And sure enough, there was a missing seal and also a disconnected water pipe which created a big gap and allowed the fumes to seep in. They proceeded to reconnect the water pipe and also replace the missing seal. William also noticed a slight drop in power and advised me to change the fuel filter which most workshops won't really do cause it is a tedious and time consuming process. He even showed me the service manual which stated that it needs to be changed at every 80k intervals. After that he test drove the car and also use the diagnostics computer to check for any other faults. I drove the car back and the fumes issue was non-existent. Overall, I am very pleased with the experience and would like to thank William and his team for their expertise and great customer service!


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Superb experience & workshop  Posted on 12-Sep-2014
  • Technical Expertise5.0
  • Customer Service5.0
  • Value for money5.0
  • Outlet Experience5.0
Ride is IS250. Just finish servicing @ Kaizen ytd. My 1st trip there. This is the BEST workshop that I've ever gone to. Have been to Borneo (got 1 time go for regular servicing then come back cabin lights gone..WTF) & some others (nv do EDB diagnotics one, just do regular oil change so dunno if other parts can last till next servicing bo. Always rush job) but nothing comes close to Kaizen.

THE TEAM: The boss William damm steady, do step by step and will elaborate to you. Any questions will be answered patiently. Daniel will ask religiously any issues when driving so that they can do a thorough check. All was friendly, sincere and comfortable. Zero pressure at all. Daniel even offer to drive me to Bedok Mall as the waiting time is long (it's my bad lah cos I wanna check this check that).

ENVIRONMENT: Easily accessible as compared to those workshop in Sin Ming or industrial where cars park everywhere, sibei cram and u need good driving skills to maneuver one. The workshop is clean, airy and spacious. There's a waiting area outside if u wanna view the servicing process. If u feel warm, u can sit in the office which is air-con & do yr work there. Tools and equipment trim & proper. I dun like those WS so cram with many cars near each other then when ppl squeeze past, e things they carrying or the dings in the pockets will hit my car. So close open car door also sure tio one.

SERVICING: As drivers, other than issues that we are able to identify & highlight to the WS when servicing, we will definitely want e WS to also diagnose potential hidden problems so that we can nip e bud before it escalates then spend more $, need to apply leave, cannot fetch wife/ kids. Whether or not we want to take action is up to us cos diff ppl got diff priorities/ budget but at least we know what is going on. In this aspect, Kaizen is awesome. During normal oil change, u can observe they really do it carefully, from oil draining & all. They even jack up e car to drain slightly again to the optimal level if not the oil pressure will be too full. William explained all these to me. My previous WS, just drain then pour the oil inside then finish liao. Did the EDB check and went for test drive with William to see if see got any issue.

OVERVIEW: I'm not affiliated to Kaizen in anyways. Just happen to find them under the Lexus speciality WS in Sgcarmart. This is the WS that I've been looking for & I believe that I should let my fellow drivers know about it. I stay in the west but it's really all worthwhile. My ride is so butter smooth now. It seem to have regain its former glory. The ride now is really be smooth. Sometimes we are always look for more power/ better acceleration but actually it's cos the ride's power has been diminishing overtime but when in fact good regular servicing & maintenance is all it takes to restore to the initial power. Thanks & sorry for the long post :)

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Another honest & ethical workshop  Posted on 10-Jun-2014
  • Technical Expertise4.0
  • Customer Service5.0
  • Value for money4.0
  • Outlet Experience5.0
I PMed them my query about some issues related to car aircon on Sunday. The reply yesterday was none like the typical advice given by other workshops, despite I have even visited some workshops to talk & check on the issue. Thus I made an appointment with Dan for today morning's visit. Beside popping the bonnet to check for leaks on condenser, expansion valve and piping, they also jacked up the car to check from below, as well as the exhaust, which workshop Director William Chan suggested the possibility of burn exhaust gas leaking into cabin. They also helped to tighten some nuts at the rear suspension that caused a "tok" sound during slow turn / reverse. The whole process took about 90 mins. In the end, William concluded it was not worth the effort and the cost to carry out any repair / change of aircon parts until any suspected and noticeable leakage like when aircon not cold often occurs. I felt oblige to pay them some labor charge since it has taken a considerable amount of time where they could have serviced other car; they only charged S$30/= for a Director and mechanic attending to my ride for 90 mins. IMHO, compared to workshops that do a quick aircon service / flush without listening to your woes, I would prefer to patronize workshops like Kaizen, which is much cleaner, organized and more professional.
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