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Lousy company, avoid at all cost.  Posted on 06-Nov-2023
Overpriced rental for Toyota vios to Malaysia (carousell cheaper). Customer service hotline will cut off automatically and will never get through. They penalised customers as if they were law enforcers, mostly old second-hand cars, no grace period for pickup and return, Getgo backend tech is better. Adrian Lee, all your marketing efforts down the drain. You better check out how your customer service management team handle complaints.

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Poor service and unreliable TRIBECAR  Posted on 05-Oct-2023
- Extremely poor customer service. - Can't be trusted - raised multiple feedback on aircon not working and still do not fix - Continue to rent out a damaged car (one side having big dent and petrol cover damaged) - Wrongly charged fuel penalty despite 6ltr petrol pumped receipt provided - Can't escalate to anyone for refund as staff on phone, chats and emails are simply giving scripted reply - How do you trust a company with no proper escalation channel and continue to supply unfit cars for rental?

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Poor customer service/relations.  Posted on 25-Feb-2023
I had my account and credits transferred from CarClub (over $600; Indefinite period) to TribeCar when CarClub was bought over. A rather generic email was sent months later by CarClub saying that my account is on trial, and asking me to put in a $100 refundable deposit, so I thought it (the trial) didn't apply to me. A few months later, my account with TribeCar was invalidated and the $600 home. Tried to recover my credits but no attempts from TribeCar to at least try to win me over.

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Ok, but...  Posted on 22-Feb-2022
Tribecar advertises themselves as a community-driven car rental company. However, they seem to always forget that they are still a company providing services to paying customers, going as far as to shaming their own members in the FB users group post for providing falsehoods. By all means address the falsehoods, but why tag your customers and shame them? Fuel policy is to return the car with enough fuel that it does not light up the reserve fuel indicator. Unfortunately a small group of people take this rule literally and return with the bare minimum and when the next hirer starts up, the light comes on and then has to go through the trouble of reporting and following up with Tribecar. Most people have the courtesy to leave at least 3 or 4 bars during return so that the next hirer can have a piece of mind to drive to their destination first and refuel on their way back so why not make 1/4 tank the standard like other companies? The rental process and the vehicles itself are quite good with a good website and app interface. Most vehicles I have tried are clean and run well but there are a few exceptions. Unfortunately most of the issues lie in the backend with unprofessional staff and those who forget about the source of their company's profits. Not everyone that has assisted me from the company are bad of course, CS officer Anna has always been upbeat and cheerful. If you want to try Tribecar, do it when there is a no-deposit trial account promotion first as the deposit takes up to 45 days to be processed. Also note that wallet credits are non-refundable. For me, I will not be renewing and instead be moving onto Car-Lite.

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Service  Posted on 06-Jan-2022
  • Technical Expertise3.0
  • Customer Service3.0
  • Value for money4.0
Been using Tribecar for awhile now. Hit and miss.

Great when nothing happens and car is always available, able to use the car 30min before booking time if the car is available.

Feul - must always top up before using the car if the previous user did not topup well. Top up how much you need to use. They base the fuel level by the fuel light. As long as the fuel light does not turn on when returning the car, you are safe.

Compensation - when you receive the car when the fuel light on, they will compensate you a few bucks to top up and also fine the previous user around $21 ( got fine before that's why)

Overall great experience if nothing happen .

If met with an accident , you would have to book the car for the duration of fixing thus it is very troublesome.
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