Hyundai i30 1.6 GLS 5dr Sunroof (A) Price Graph
Price Date COE QP ($)
spacer$102,999 with COE
24-Nov-2011$54,887 (CAT A)
spacer$102,999 with COE
11-Nov-2011$55,997 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$102,999 with COE
21-Oct-2011$56,112 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$98,999 with COE
07-Oct-2011$50,289 (CAT A)
spacerDownspacer$96,999 with COE
22-Sep-2011$48,006 (CAT A)
spacer$98,999 with COE
08-Sep-2011$51,000 (CAT A)
spacerDownspacer$98,999 with COE
05-Aug-2011$48,801 (CAT A)
spacer$103,999 with COE
21-Jul-2011$56,002 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$103,999 with COE
08-Jul-2011$55,989 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$99,999 with COE
23-Jun-2011$50,244 (CAT A)
spacerDownspacer$9,799 with COE
09-Jun-2011$53,390 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$92,999 with COE
21-May-2011$46,989 (CAT A)
spacer$91,999 with COE
12-May-2011$44,790 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$91,999 with COE
22-Apr-2011$44,000 (CAT A)
spacer$90,999 with COE
08-Apr-2011$43,212 (CAT A)
spacer$90,999 with COE
25-Mar-2011$43,813 (CAT A)
spacer$90,999 with COE
11-Mar-2011$42,600 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$90,999 with COE
25-Feb-2011$42,999 (CAT A)
spacerDownspacer$87,999 with COE
11-Feb-2011$37,124 (CAT A)
spacer$92,500 with COE
21-Jan-2011$40,123 (CAT A)
spacer$92,500 with COE
06-Jan-2011$38,889 (CAT A)