Hyundai i30 1.6 GLS 5dr (A) Price Graph
Price Date COE QP ($)
spacerUpspacer$56,999 with COE
23-Oct-2009$18,899 (CAT A)
spacer$55,999 with COE
08-Oct-2009$16,201 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$55,999 with COE
25-Sep-2009$15,589 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$54,999 with COE
21-Aug-2009$15,019 (CAT A)
spacer$54,599 with COE
24-Jul-2009$15,291 (CAT A)
spacer$54,599 with COE
10-Jul-2009$14,310 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$54,599 with COE
18-Jun-2009$12,899 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$52,999 with COE
04-Jun-2009$11,690 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$50,999 with COE
22-May-2009$9,889 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$48,999 with COE
07-May-2009$8,489 (CAT A)
spacer$48,699 with COE
23-Apr-2009$7,589 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$48,699 with COE
09-Apr-2009$7,090 (CAT A)
spacerDownspacer$47,199 with COE
20-Mar-2009$5,116 (CAT A)
spacerDownspacer$49,199 with COE
05-Mar-2009$4,890 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$49,499 with COE
19-Feb-2009$4,460 (CAT A)
spacer$48,999 with COE
06-Feb-2009$1,020 (CAT A)
spacer$48,999 with COE
23-Jan-2009$2,693 (CAT A)
spacer$48,999 with COE
08-Jan-2009$5,001 (CAT A)