Mitsubishi Attrage 1.2 Style (A) Price Graph
Price Date COE QP ($)
spacerDownspacer$100,999 with COE
24-Jun-2022$74,989 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$101,999 with COE
10-Jun-2022$73,801 (CAT A)
spacer$92,999 with COE
21-May-2022$68,001 (CAT A)
spacer$92,999 with COE
13-May-2022$70,901 (CAT A)
spacerDownspacer$92,999 with COE
12-May-2022$70,901 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$97,999 with COE
06-May-2022$70,901 (CAT A)
spacerDownspacer$89,999 with COE
23-Apr-2022$68,699 (CAT A)
spacer$99,999 with COE
15-Apr-2022$72,996 (CAT A)
spacerDownspacer$99,999 with COE
13-Apr-2022$72,996 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$106,999 with COE
25-Mar-2022$71,556 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$94,999 with COE
25-Feb-2022$63,000 (CAT A)
spacer$89,999 with COE
10-Feb-2022$60,761 (CAT A)