Kia Sorento Diesel 2.2 SX 7-Seater (A) Price Graph
Price Date COE QP ($)
spacerUpspacer$148,999 with COE
24-Dec-2020$49,300 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$144,999 with COE
11-Dec-2020$45,012 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$140,999 with COE
20-Nov-2020$41,101 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$138,999 with COE
13-Nov-2020$39,000 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$137,999 with COE
06-Nov-2020$39,000 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$142,999 with COE
27-Oct-2020$40,990 (CAT B)
spacer$141,999 with COE
26-Oct-2020$40,990 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$141,999 with COE
09-Oct-2020$40,690 (CAT B)
spacer$146,999 with COE
25-Sep-2020$40,989 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$146,999 with COE
11-Sep-2020$41,510 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$150,999 with COE
25-Aug-2020$38,802 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$149,999 with COE
22-Aug-2020$38,802 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$153,999 with COE
12-Aug-2020$37,102 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$152,999 with COE
28-Jul-2020$35,001 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$151,999 with COE
24-Jul-2020$35,001 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$153,999 with COE
10-Jul-2020$35,889 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$146,999 with COE
03-Apr-2020$30,012 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$149,999 with COE
10-Mar-2020$32,801 (CAT B)
spacer$148,999 with COE
06-Mar-2020$32,801 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$148,999 with COE
25-Feb-2020$32,889 (CAT B)
spacer$147,999 with COE
22-Feb-2020$32,889 (CAT B)