Volkswagen Caddy 2.0 Window Van TDI DSG (A) Price Graph
Price Date COE QP ($)
spacer$84,600 with COE
22-Mar-2018$35,001 (CAT C)
spacerDownspacer$84,600 with COE
09-Mar-2018$36,003 (CAT C)
spacer$86,800 with COE
08-Mar-2018$36,003 (CAT C)
spacer$86,800 with COE
22-Feb-2018$36,859 (CAT C)
spacer$86,800 with COE
21-Feb-2018$36,859 (CAT C)
spacer$86,800 with COE
08-Feb-2018$38,303 (CAT C)
spacer$86,800 with COE
07-Feb-2018$38,303 (CAT C)
spacerDownspacer$86,800 with COE
17-Jan-2018$39,000 (CAT C)
spacer$91,800 with COE
04-Jan-2018$40,101 (CAT C)
spacerUpspacer$91,800 with COE
21-Dec-2017$45,112 (CAT C)
spacerDownspacer$88,800 with COE
06-Dec-2017$42,000 (CAT C)
spacer$103,800 with COE
22-Nov-2017$57,701 (CAT C)
spacerUpspacer$103,800 with COE
09-Nov-2017$58,036 (CAT C)
spacer$97,800 with COE
20-Oct-2017$51,890 (CAT C)
spacerUpspacer$97,800 with COE
19-Oct-2017$51,890 (CAT C)
spacerUpspacer$94,800 with COE
05-Oct-2017$48,902 (CAT C)
spacerUpspacer$92,800 with COE
21-Sep-2017$46,890 (CAT C)
spacer$90,800 with COE
15-Sep-2017$43,002 (CAT C)
spacer$90,800 with COE
07-Sep-2017$43,002 (CAT C)
spacer$90,800 with COE
23-Aug-2017$42,004 (CAT C)
spacer$90,800 with COE
11-Aug-2017$42,801 (CAT C)