Mazda 6 Sedan 2.0 Standard (A) Price Graph
Price Date COE QP ($)
spacerUpspacer$125,888 with COE
23-Sep-2021$68,310 (CAT B)
spacer$117,888 with COE
21-Sep-2021$62,600 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$117,888 with COE
14-Sep-2021$62,600 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$116,888 with COE
09-Sep-2021$62,600 (CAT B)
spacer$115,888 with COE
07-Sep-2021$61,001 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$115,888 with COE
01-Sep-2021$61,001 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$113,888 with COE
24-Aug-2021$61,001 (CAT B)
spacer$111,888 with COE
19-Aug-2021$61,001 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$111,888 with COE
16-Aug-2021$56,001 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$110,888 with COE
12-Aug-2021$56,001 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$109,888 with COE
05-Aug-2021$56,001 (CAT B)
spacer$116,888 with COE
27-Jul-2021$59,501 (CAT B)
spacer$116,888 with COE
23-Jul-2021$59,501 (CAT B)
spacer$116,888 with COE
13-Jul-2021$56,100 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$116,888 with COE
08-Jul-2021$56,100 (CAT B)
spacer$120,888 with COE
06-Jul-2021$56,032 (CAT B)
spacer$120,888 with COE
01-Jul-2021$56,032 (CAT B)
spacer$120,888 with COE
28-Jun-2021$56,032 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$120,888 with COE
25-Jun-2021$56,032 (CAT B)
spacer$125,888 with COE
21-Jun-2021$60,109 (CAT B)
spacer$125,888 with COE
15-Jun-2021$60,109 (CAT B)