Kia Stonic 1.0T EX (A) Price Graph
Price Date COE QP ($)
spacerDownspacer$114,999 with COE
22-Apr-2022$68,699 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$116,999 with COE
08-Apr-2022$72,996 (CAT A)
spacerDownspacer$114,999 with COE
25-Mar-2022$71,556 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$115,999 with COE
14-Mar-2022$68,501 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$105,999 with COE
25-Feb-2022$63,000 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$103,999 with COE
13-Feb-2022$60,761 (CAT A)
spacer$97,999 with COE
21-Jan-2022$57,898 (CAT A)
spacerDownspacer$97,999 with COE
10-Jan-2022$57,599 (CAT A)
spacer$98,999 with COE
11-Dec-2021$57,010 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$98,999 with COE
19-Nov-2021$55,001 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$97,999 with COE
05-Nov-2021$53,709 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$96,999 with COE
22-Oct-2021$52,709 (CAT A)
spacerDownspacer$89,999 with COE
08-Oct-2021$47,001 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$90,999 with COE
24-Sep-2021$48,000 (CAT A)
spacer$87,999 with COE
14-Sep-2021$47,000 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$87,999 with COE
10-Sep-2021$47,000 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$86,999 with COE
20-Aug-2021$46,689 (CAT A)
spacerDownspacer$85,999 with COE
06-Aug-2021$45,189 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$89,999 with COE
24-Jul-2021$47,010 (CAT A)