Mitsuoka Rock Star 1.5 S (A) Price Graph
Price Date COE QP ($)
spacerDownspacer$259,800 with COE
25-Jul-2023$95,202 (CAT A)
spacerDownspacer$262,800 with COE
10-Jul-2023$97,000 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$263,800 with COE
12-Dec-2022$88,503 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$259,800 with COE
17-Aug-2022$87,889 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$249,800 with COE
27-Jul-2022$78,899 (CAT A)
spacerUpspacer$245,800 with COE
27-Jun-2022$74,989 (CAT A)
spacer$235,800 with COE
23-May-2022$68,001 (CAT A)
spacer$235,800 with COE
11-May-2022$70,901 (CAT A)
spacerDownspacer$235,800 with COE
26-Apr-2022$68,699 (CAT A)
spacer$247,800 with COE
16-Apr-2022$72,996 (CAT A)