BMW M2 Coupe 3.0 (A) Price Graph
Price Date COE QP ($)
spacerUpspacer$517,888 with COE
23-Nov-2023$135,336 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$507,888 with COE
09-Nov-2023$110,001 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$537,888 with COE
19-Oct-2023$150,001 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$531,888 with COE
05-Oct-2023$146,002 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$524,888 with COE
20-Sep-2023$140,889 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$514,888 with COE
07-Sep-2023$134,889 (CAT B)
spacer$509,888 with COE
25-Aug-2023$129,890 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$509,888 with COE
24-Aug-2023$129,890 (CAT B)
spacerUpspacer$507,888 with COE
11-Aug-2023$126,889 (CAT B)
spacer$498,888 with COE
25-Jul-2023$118,001 (CAT B)
spacerDownspacer$498,888 with COE
07-Jul-2023$118,002 (CAT B)
spacer$501,888 with COE
22-Jun-2023$121,000 (CAT B)