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Safety features  
Number of airbags unknown
Traction control Unknown
Driver's features  
Multi-Function steering wheel No
Keyless engine start Unknown
Auto headlights Unknown
Rain sensing wipers No
Electrical retractable side mirrors No
Paddle shifters No
Cruise control No
Electric park brake button Unknown
Navigation system No
Bluetooth Interface Unknown
Security features  
Smart key No
Remote boot release No
Electric tailgate No
Exterior features  
Headlights Unknown
Daytime running lights Unknown
Front fog lamps Unknown
Rims 22"
Sunroof/Moonroof/Panoramic roof No
Interior features  
Multi-zone aircon No
Rear aircon No
Reverse camera Unknown
Driver's electric seat No
Passenger's electric seat No
Driver's memory seat No
Passenger's memory seat No
Knockdown rear seats No
Leather seats No
Leather steering wheel No
Additional features  
Max Power: 150x2 kW
Max Torque: 550x2 Nm
Driving Form: 6x4
Brakes: Pneumatic Drum Brakes/ABS/Regenerative Braking
Charging Capacity: DC150 kW
Charging Time: 2
Rims: 22.5"
Specifications and features listed here are updated regularly, but may differ from actual vehicle and other sources (eg. brochures, websites). Please contact the dealer for the most up to date information.

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