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Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 (A) Review

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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Aug 2012.
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(launched 2010)

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2.4 G (A)
$177,999 (Jul 2012) spacer
10.9km/L 170 bhp 6-speed (A) CVT
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Mitsubishi Outlander
3.5 stars - based on 4 reviews
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Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 (A) Review
Can the Mitsubishi Outlander outdo its competitors or will it just continue to get overlooked? Hop in with Julian for the drive to find out more.
4 Consumer Reviews

4 years without any major issue! `
I'm driving the handsome G line 2/4WD 5 seater 2.4L and loving the ride as much as I love my wife (grin). This car drives solid and has an unassuming century run of 8.5 sec in shift gear mode. Recently decided to install a new set of performance coilovers & BBK and the lowered ride handling is even more amazing. Imagine cornering this huge machine at 60kmh with much grip and confidence. Power to wheels is not as reactive but this can be easily solved if you know where to tune it. The magical part of owning this ride is about unlocking its hidden potential while still being practical. The rest of the good stuffs have already been mentioned in other bros' reviews.
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A Reliable 7-seater SUV `
Been driving the 2009 model (G-line 7-seater), comes with 2WD & 4WD, for the past to 2 years. The verdict for the car is if u don't mind the money that u gonna pay for the petrol for the rest of the years that u gonna possess this car, it's a worthy buy. At the current fuel price, for S$100 (after discount) of petrol, it will take u 380-400km on Singapore's road (on 2WD). That works out to be about 10km/litre on urban/highway drive. The price of this car is cheaper than any other 7-seater SUVs and some MPVs. Power is good when u switch to the sequential gear shift on the gear stick. Overtaking is easy breezy even on high speed (100-130km/h). Comes with paddle shifter too which makes u feel like driving a F1 car :D. Never try it on off-road but on paved roads is definitely a very reliable & stable car. Handling is good though steering a little stiff when on low speed. So far have not experience any body roll (maybe have not a speed high enough to experience that :D). The height of the car is good too. I have a short wife and a short daughter (both about 1.40m). They board this car with ease. My wife also likes the driving position of this car cos when she's driving the car, she has a clear view of the car front. Can't complain much about the interior. Typical Japanese car design with all the plastic but good quality 1 though. Leather steering wheel (with steering wheel control buttons) and gear knob. It sits 5 adults comfortably with ample legroom in the 2nd row. However, the 3rd row legroom is only good enough for kids not above 1.5m i reckon. The 3rd row seat is also not recommended for long journey unless u have additional seat cushions. Overall, am quite satisfied with this car except for the FC.
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Outlander in Outback (West Aust) `
Just returned from a 8 day self drive holiday from Perth, Albany, Margaret River covering 2200km in a rental Outlander (lastest facelift version) 2.4i, 2WD, 6 speed CVT with traction control. It was wearing Yokohama Geolander off road tires suitable for on-road as well. The Outlander was driven in city driving, highway and rural unsealed road. The Outlander best perform in city driving, having good all round visibility, easy parking and high driving position to react to traffic ahead. Living up its primary expectation as a soft off roader. On highway, steering is light and imprecise once it hit above 110kmh (Aus highway speed limit) which is disappointing compared against RAV4 and Estima which I've rented on previous occasions. Cruising at high speed requires constant steering inputs (traction control was activated a few times on wet curved road over 80kmh) . A saving grace is its excellent cruise control which has a standard deviation of +/- 5kmh even on downhill (a Camry I rented last yr has SD of 10kmh which is quite un-nerving). Worst part of highway cruising is when it comes to overtaking, the CVT requires hard whipping to summon its horses to pick up speed only hampered by serious torque steer when i downshift the gear to push it. Quite a scary experience as it veer at 140kmh towards the vehicle that i was overtaking. Further attempts in other overtaking manoeuvres produces the same result. In terms of off road ability, it's no better than other 2WD SUV (e.g. Rav4) or sedans. On gravel paths, speed more than 80kmh requires careful handling or risk skidding with traction control being activated on several occasion. Good thing about Outlander in outback condition is its thoughtfulness in lowering tailgate, tough interior plastics and many cup holders. Ride comfort and suspension is ranked up there with the continentals. In summary, get an Outlander if you are contented with travelling in Singapore well paved roads with occasional ride on North South highway sticking to the speed limit of 110kmh religiously. Any attempt at heavier duty off road, muddy tracks certainly require the 4WD version, no doubt about it. Next time, I would insist of an SUV that has the option of both 2WD and 4WD to make the best of all road conditions.
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Nice, reliable, served me well `
Simple car has what u need with good handling for its class. Solid drive with great traction. In fact, suspension setup seems too firm. MIVEC is great, coupled with the 4wd from EVO and chassis this is nice to drive $90 gives u 350km at least. Plastics are hard as its an SUV but nothing hurts. some car's plastics can cut. Switch gears are good except for the fog light switch... not positive. Gear changes are good, but the switch over to sequencial is too rough, should be better. Excellent loading space. I drove it for 5yrs from singlehood to marriage to parenthood. Not for the kids I will still drive it. 90000 memorable and beautiful kms.
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