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33.2km/L 135bhp
Specs | Features 
33.2km/L 135bhp
Specs | Features 
33.2km/L 135bhp
Specs | Features 
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Honda Shuttle Hybrid
4.5 stars - based on 6 reviews
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6 Consumer Reviews

"Best of three worlds" `
Already passed the half year mark of ownership, reaching 20k. In short, very versatile rear boot, small turning circle, excellent pickup and good fuel economy. This is a Fit/Jazz with a long and very usable boot. Hybrid powertrain gives you excellent pick-up in city driving when you need it, and good fuel economy. Comparing to Toyota Hybrid, DCT is definitely not as 'smooth' in transition between electric and engine mode, but the responsiveness is definitely much better. People who used to drive manual gear will appreciate the natural response of the gearbox, plus the extra power of the electric motor! Easily outrun normal 1.6 and even those overweight 2000cc class cars with small engines and small turbos. And when you're not in a super rush, you can get about 25km/l in real world driving. Go for the real "X" Trim for better factory-spec window sound insulation (the bubble shape makes it naturally noisy at high speed compared to sedan car) and original factory laminated solar heat rejection (the greenish type). X also has the full Honda Sensing Suite, with adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, e-braking, sports gearshift... Original factory leather treatment.
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Best Value for Money Hybrid Car `
I have driven this car for 1 week+. It is quite nice and stable to drive. The steering is light and responsive. Compared to my previous Cat A cars, the acceleration due to the electric motor is smooth, fast and silent. I used to top up my petrol every week but this full tank should last me at least 2 weeks. Each top up also requires significantly lesser petrol (32L versus 42L). As it is based on Honda Jazz/Fit, it shares many good city-driving characteristics of these popular models, parts and accessories.
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Bought 2018 facelifted hybrid X version w Honda Sensing - no regrets! `
Would recommend getting this higher spec version as it has more safety features (esp 8 air bags and Honda Sensing features). I chose this car over Hyundai Ioniq hybrid because of slightly lower price, larger space and also better FC. Over Renault scenic cos of higher price and more expensive spare parts. Over Prius+ due to much better pickup and overall feel. Do note fuel tank should be 40L (at least that's what my PI told me) Comes with sports mode and econ mode options. Shuttle is basically an extended Fit/Jazz. Had a bad experience with another PI, who tried to encourage me to buy normal shuttle even though I've expressed my preferences - kept telling me it's not possible anyone in sg has X variant and that I shouldn't be tricked. Do take note of such sellers if you are looking at x model!
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Excellent Car with some inadequacies `
For a station wagon, it is an excellent car with great boot space and leg space. The Hybrid feature is excellent and at times, if you use it well with its Cruise Control Function, you could get nearly 30 km/litre rating! Getting an average of 19 km/litre is not an issue at all with the help of its Cruise Control Function. Even if you are stuck in a city jam or slow traffic, you could probably get 18 km/litre basically because while your car is not moving, it is sustained by the battery pack automatically with very little consumption on your petrol. It is important to get the X version that comes with the Cruise Control function. I nearly got conned into paying for a 1.5G version which doesn't come with the Cruise Control Function. Get a look at the steering wheel and you should see a Button on the right of the Steering Wheel with "Cruise" Written on it. There should be two Silver levers which are the shift paddles as well. Contrary to all those salesman talk, Cruise Control Function can also be used on normal road as long as your car could run above 30km/hr. A Hybrid like the Shuttle Hybrid, coupled with a Cruise Control Function will work wonders in saving your petrol cost. There are some disappointment though. The Shuttle doesn't come with a good Reverse Camera system. The Reverse Camera that comes with the Shuttle Hybrid is really bad. It doesn't come with Reverse Sensor as well. You may have to change that lousy reverse camera if you are dependent on such gadget for parking. It also doesn't come with Central Lock control which is pretty common in most cars. You must use the driver's car lock to do Central locking. The door lock doesn't automatic lock up when you drive, neither does it auto-unlock after you stop and park your car. This could be solved by buying and installing a gadget from JB workshop which cost me about 180 ringgits. It would have cost about S$100 in Singapore!
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