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Mazda 6 Sedan 2.0 Executive (A) Video Review

Oh no! First time kena speeding saman? Here's what to expect

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Trans Eurokars (Mazda)
66036118 / 63958888
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(launched 2018)

spacer Predecessor Mazda 6 Sedan (2013-2018)
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2.0 Executive (A)
$194,888 spacer Down
$18,700 /yr 14.7km/L 162 bhp 6-speed (A) SKYACTIV-DRIVE
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2.0 Luxury (A)
$199,888 spacer Down
$19,100 /yr 14.7km/L 162 bhp 6-speed (A) SKYACTIV-DRIVE
Specs | Features 

Price updated 18-Jul-2024

Mazda 6 Sedan
4 stars - based on 29 reviews
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Mazda 6 Sedan 2.0 Executive (A) Video Review
Looking for a comfortable family sedan that sports sleek, timeless design on the outside? The Mazda6 could be just what you're looking for!

The Mazda 6 Sedan was facelifted on Mar 2023.
Read our review of the facelifted version.

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29 Consumer Reviews

No regrets. `
Having switched from Audi A4 to the Mazda 6, i can tell you that it's actually an upgrade. Although one might say that it's a downgrade from conti, it's BS. But the Mazda 6 engine is a lot louder than the Audi, probably due to the lack of sound insulation.
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Premium Quality at exceptional value `
I have driven quite a number of brands over my stint: - Mazda 3 - BMW X3 - BMW 5 - VW Passat Best driver's car - BWM 5 hands own. It's built for people who loves to drive. With fun and luxury, reliability and cost maybe an issue for the 5 series. This is why I opted for the Mazda 6. One which packs into one package fun, amazing drivability, premium (not luxury) feel, amazing reliability and cost. I think apart from Camry which is known to the next best competitor in this class, I think the Mazda 6 stands on its own class. By its numbers alone, Mazda is not as well known or popular by the other mainstream makers. But Mazda does know how to make some of the best cars in the world. See the MX5 as an example It is a car built for those who loves to drive. The car itself is a reflection of quality and art. It is by no means "Cheap" Or "Average". It demands to be respected, a reflection of one's life stage, progress and success. And I am glad Mazda did not reinvent the will, keeping the boring "If it works, keep it and just keep improving it". However it has a timeless look, the car as an art, reflective of its KODO Philosophy. Keeping true to Jinba ittai, a Japanese four-character compound describing unity of horse and rider which is pertinent to Yabusame, Japanese mounted archery, this holds true as how good the car is to drive. I don't get this from others, where other cars feel more like just a regular transport means than one which you actually enjoy driving. Mazda gives you that. You just keep driving and you really enjoy it. I don't think you can get a fair experience just by testing it at the show room. Rent or lease one first and then experience it for yourself. Compare it to others to come to your own conclusion. What I like: - premium quality at exceptional value - great car to drive - big and spacious - ample boot space - highly reliable and easy to maintain - retains good value - great NA engine with high compression, so it's very responsive - relatively decent power for SG driving What I don't like: - side mirrors have issues, hence need to change once every few years. It's a common known issue - lack of the turbo version in Singapore. I think this would be amazing if it's available but I think Mazda didn't bring this in as it would mean positioning the Mazda 6 out of the competition
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Great 2L car to own for someone looking to drive a more luxurious car `
Have driven this car for more than 3 months after purchasing it new from Mazda. Will highly recommend it to someone looking to drive their first 2L Cat B COE and does not want to spend a bomb. Additionally, a 3 year free servicing was included in the purchase. Every 6 months just bring to dealership and get it tuned up for free instead of spending a few hundred dollars with third party dealership each time. The price point of this car compared with other 2L cars such as Passat and Camry is lower. Also, in terms of performance I will rate it as comparable.
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The One car to have in your lifw `
Was deciding the trusted Camry and m6 and decided on the latter after test drives. I bought the mz6 during the first few months when Covid hit and have never looked back since then. Besides the side mirror issues, krok krok which is easily rectified during servicing, the drive has been really pleasing. Hard to explain but it just feels 'shiok' . No coilover ,all stock except for wheel n rim change but you can feel the car grip on the road . Give it a test drive !
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