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Jaguar I-PACE First Edition Review

Audi e-tron Electric 55 quattro vs Jaguar I-PACE Electric First Edition

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Wearnes Automotive
63782626 / 97704385
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(launched 2019)

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SE 90 kWh (A)
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- 4.3km/kWh 394 bhp Single-speed (A)
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Price updated 09-Jul-2024

Jaguar I-PACE Electric
3.5 stars - based on 4 reviews
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Audi e-tron Electric 55 quattro vs Jaguar I-PACE Electric First Edition
The Audi e-tron and the Jaguar I-PACE are two all electric luxury SUV that delivers ample zero-emission comfort, refinement and class.
Audi E-Tron
Smoother and more refined drivetrain
More intuitive infotainment interface
Bigger size with more interior space
Jaguar I-Pace
More powerful, handles slight better
More assistance systems as standard
Some will prefer the more compact size
4 Consumer Reviews

Good vehicle with poor after sales spare parts availability `
One of the best car I ever driven, very responsive and smooth drive. The internal of the car is very classy and dash board design is good. Buyers need to buy the vehicle with caution, if you have a second car at home, you may want to consider this beauty. The current dealer here does not keep spare parts for this vehicle. All spare parts have long lead time and some takes weeks. Need to be careful.
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The acceleration of this thing makes you giggle like a little school girl. Instantaneous torque from zero rpm really feels like the car is teleporting from one traffic light to another at warp speed. Once you taste a high performance electric car, an internal combustion engine just seems laggy, noisy and wasteful. Coupled that with a fantastically futuristic interior and exterior with carbon-blade wheels. *I left a F10 M5 for dead at the traffic lights and it felt goood.
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Most fun so far I had on any test drive `
It was at the The Art of Performance Tour Jaguar event that I had the test drive of the iPace. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a SUV at this price level to consider this electric version. This car is amazingly fun to drive given how linear the power is and how strong the torque is with full load of 5 adults. Non-stop smile on my face. It also helps that my sales guy was great fun to chat with. Very candid given his experience. You'd need to get used to the awesome engine braking prowess which helped tremendously in giving you confidence with the kind of speed this e-SUV was capable of. Family enjoyed the the ride and the car looks great too. If only my pocket was that deep. I may have to settle for the entry level XE.
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Electric Jaguar `
The Jaguar i-Pace is an eye-catching car. It is a SUV but I would consider it a performance SUV too. It has many cool features in and out of the car and like most electric performance vehicles, it enables you to overtake silently. Imagine creeping (very quickly) on other drivers and zooming past them with hardly any noise other than the tyres on road.
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