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MINI One 5-Door
4 stars - based on 6 reviews
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Facelift - MINI One 5-Door 1.5 (A)
Subtle styling updates and a creamy new powertrain make the five-door MINI One an even stronger contender in the family hatchback segment.
Comparison - MINI One 5-Door 1.5 vs Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI DSG
Fun car with good personality  
I collected my MINI One 5-Doors since May 2019, after 5 months driving reach almost 10K millege, I would like to say: I am a very happy driver with this ride! I drove my first MINI since 2010 which 1st Gen Clubman, I let go it in 2013 when the arrival of my new family member. I miss it very much when I changed to sedan car to suit family needs. Till last May, I drive this ride and very satisfy with it!
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Do NOT buy Mini One - multiple problems ...  
I collected my Mini One 12 months ago. Problem 1 - water ingress in car boot within 3 months. Within 3 months there was strong mouldy smell from aircon. Later realised the car boot was filled with water. (I hadnt need to use use car boot so didnt notice water ingress issue earlier). Mini technical side said the lining of car boot cracked, which caused water seepage when it rained, which in turn caused awful smell in aircon. Issues fixed. Problem 2 - continued foul smell from aircon. In the following months, the aircon continued to emit foul smell. I sent in car two more times for aircon filter cleaning and software upgrades. Mini could not pinpoint exact issue except to say they had fedback to manufacturer. Naturally, i was increasingly frustrated with inconvenience. Very disappointed. Problem 3 - car reversed in drive gear! The last straw came when serious transmission problems occurred. First the car did not slide forward when put in drive mode (it is auto). Have to step on accelerator couple of times to move. Then next day, the monitor indicated neutral gear when in dive mode, i.E. Could not move off at all. Other times, drive gear could not be engaged. Worst, the car went into reverse when put in drive gear. I wonder who will be responsible if i had not stopped the car reversing in time and hit someone or damaged something. Mini or me? Mini 's initial diagnosis was it was a battery problem (!). After they sent it back, i told them problems were unresolved. They took it back again. Then they changed the gearstick and control unit. Technician said hot weather likely caused elctronics issue. Nobody checked if it was gearbox problem. By now i am bitterly disappointed. I have asked Mini to give me permanent replacement car. Expectedly, they said no. I asked them to give me the best deal for upgrade to their flagship Cooper. They came back with the normal listed price and market rate trade in value with free Mri anf msi. Im still in the process of deciding what to do. Mini clearly does not think they need to compensate me for the very unfortunate experiences. I think i can hear them say 'suck it up' loud and clear. So please to those out there, avoid Mini. Likely not the car that can take singapore hot climate. Be warned.
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