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BYD Atto 3 60.5kWh (A) Review

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BYD by 1826
Motor-East Pte Ltd (BYD)
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(launched 2022)

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spacer spacer Submodel Price Depreciation  Consumption Power Transmission Detailed Info
[100kW] 60.5 kWh (A)
$159,888 spacer Down
- 6.25km/kWh 132 bhp Single-speed (A)
Specs | Features 
CarbonEdge [100kW] 60.5 kWh (A)
$163,888 spacer Down
- 6.25km/kWh 132 bhp Single-speed (A)
Specs | Features 
[150kW] 60.5 kWh (A)
$206,888 spacer Up
- 6.7km/kWh 198 bhp Single-speed (A)
Specs | Features 
CarbonEdge [150kW] 60.5 kWh (A)
$210,888 spacer Up
- 6.7km/kWh 198 bhp Single-speed (A)
Specs | Features 

Price updated 24-Nov-2023

BYD Atto 3 Electric
4 stars - based on 11 reviews
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BYD Atto 3 Electric 60.5 kWh [100kW] (A) Review
BYD's Atto 3 is now available as a Cat A model, but even with fewer ponies and a lower price tag, the electric crossover has actually become more appealing.
What We Dislike
Interior styling still polarises opinions
Only responsive in Sport mode
11 Consumer Reviews

Great SUV effort from BYD `
Was driving Audi A6 the past 10 years, the change to EV - after 8 months of driving Atto3 is irreversible. Instant torque, smooth quiet drive, with all the electronic wizardry. The front struts suspension may not be as good, Ditto the lack of automatic Rain sensor or the kick boot open function, all round tap locks etc. The whole package makes up for the deficiency above. Wish there would be software refinements and may be incremental updates to this package in the future.
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Pricing `
200k sgd.. 1million RMB.. But in China, they are selling at 200k RMB.. 40k sgd..
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3-month old owner review `
I decided to hold my review for 3 months after I own this car, and here I am providing my review now. As an owner to this car, I have lots of opportunities to see heads turning when either I drove cross or parking. I also received numerous complements at Coffee Shop, residential area and office car park. Other than the Atlas Batman tyres which I changed the entire set after 3 encounters of car swinging when I drove over patches of water during raining days, I really has nothing to complain about. Learning more about LFP batteries after owning the car gave me a lot more assurance that I am thankful I did not choose a Lithium Ion battery type of cars. The drive is always comfortable, no hard landing driving over humps, instant response and quick pick up with great handling assured me to be able to maneuver through city jam swiftly. Family is happy, Spotify is there to entertain everyone in the car, and with the BYD APP, it enables the car to be remotely managed, such as turning on the aircon remotely, so that it is a lot cooler hen we stepped in to the car, even when it is parked under the hot sun, in the open car park. Charging is just as swiftly as anyone could imagine, with the BYD APP on hand, I will be able to tell the SOC%, so as to plan my time and be able to pick up the car when it is just fully charged at 100%. 100%? Yes, not 80%, is 100%, thanks to LFP batteries which allows us the ATTO 3 owners to be able to fully utilize the battery capacity instead of 80%. The 360 degree cameras helped de-stressing tight parallel parking, there is no longer needing to worry about the car being scratched because of tight space where we are not able to accurately judge on sufficient clearance to park. These are the benefits that I ripe, besides the running costs (fuel, maintenance, etc.), besides being earth friendlier, besides helping the government to achieving a greener Singapore and zero CO2 emission at the set target date, I truly feeling happy owning and driving this car.
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Best family EV in Singapore. `
Best Family EV you can buy below $200K. Comfortable and refined than most other EV. Drove it for 2 weeks and didn't miss any of my previous rides and could be the best vehicle driven. Test drive it yourself. The apps make available on byd in the future would be like a android tablet on wheels.
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BYD Atto 3 Electric aka BYD Yuan Plus arrives in Singapore. Launch price of $178,888. 242 24-Nov-2023
BYD Seal Atto 4 electric sports sedan 120 20-Nov-2023
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