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Thank you for choosing Performance Motors. Our promise to bring you joy: anniversary savings of up to $41,000 on selected models.

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Over the past 41 years, Performance Motors has come to be synonymous with quality performance and sheer driving pleasure - and it's all thanks to you. Whether it's the unforgettable experience of owning your first BMW or keeping your BMW in tip-top condition, we're truly honoured to have shared these moments with you.

To show our appreciation, this is our promise to bring you joy:
Own a BMW with savings of up to $41,000 on selected models.*

Visit Performance Motors, check out the BMW Digital Showroom at https://bit.ly/anniversaryjoy or call 1800-2255-269 to arrange for a BMW Test Drive today.

*Offers are on selected models only, and inclusive of applicable discounts and relevant benefits. Effective offers differ from model to model and are subject to in-house trade-in, loan and insurance conditions. Car specifications may vary from the models shown. Options and features are model-dependent. This advertisement provides information on BMW products and does not constitute an offer of sale. Any sale is subject to our applicable terms and conditions.
For a limited period only Posted on: 10-Sep-2020
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