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Your auspicious introduction to luxury: The Electrifying LEX'HIBITION.

Promotion at Borneo Motors


Enjoy your perfect introduction to electrifying luxury with a range of exceptional offers, including:

- The award-winning Lexus IS (sgCarMart Car of the Year Award "Premium Hybrid" and "Compact Executive Sedan"Category), available from $209,800
- Lexus' Best Selling Sedan, the Lexus ES, available from $234,800
- The newly launched NX 350h Executive at $284,800
- Wide Range of Electrified, Self-Charging Hybrids
- Complimentary 10-year Hybrid Battery Warranty
- Immediate Registration & Collection before Chinese New Year*

Find out more: https://forms.lexus.com.sg/lexhibition-2022/
Promotion ends on: 09-Feb-2022 Posted on: 21-Jan-2022
Drive away a Lexus with just $0 installments for 1 year.

Promotion at Borneo Motors

Drive away a Lexus with just $0 installments for 1 year
We are offering these special financing choices for your dream Lexus:

1. $0 downpayment leasing program with Lexus Easy-Ready** for selected Lexus models.
2. For a limited time only, drive away with your favourite Lexus and pay $0 in monthly instalments for the first year***.
3. Enjoy a low interest rate of just 2.28% for Lexus Comfort, our standard hire purchase, on ALL Lexus vehicles.
Find out more here: https://www.lexus.com.sg/en/price-and-model-tools/payment-calculator.html

**Lexus Easy Ready is a no-frills operating lease product offered by Lexus Financial Services.
***Instalments are only applicable from the 13th month onwards. Other terms and conditions apply.
Promotion ends on: 09-Feb-2022 Posted on: 21-Jan-2022
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