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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Jan 2024.
   Consumer Reviews of BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo Mild Hybrid
1 Consumer Reviews
5.0 Reliability
4.0 Features
Exterior Styling
4.0 Interior Design
Value for money
4.0 Engine Performance

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Looks small but..  Posted on 03 Dec 2023
Comfort 5.0 Reliability 5.0
Handling 4.0 Features 5.0
Exterior Styling 4.0 Interior Design 5.0
Value for money 4.0 Engine Performance 5.0

Had been driving sedan for a long time, and wanted to change to a SUV since it's all the craze now. However the driving dynamics of driving a suv is quite different from suv. Although the view is now higher, you get more wobbly feel when going through irregular roads or cornering. After some test drives, the G30 5 series seems a good fit, slightly more space and upscale feel then the F10 series while almost similar handling. By chance, took a 630i GT for test and it was quite close to sedan in handling, but the space felt so much bigger then the sedan. The outlook actually felt small, but upon seeing the dimensions do you realise how big it was, its the size of a normal wheelbase 7 series.

What I like
The sleeper look of it, it looks small and less prominent then a 7 series, but you get similarity in terms of drive and space. The space feels abit more comfortable vs normal 7 series because of more straight sitting posture, and easier to get off due to slightly higher ride, good for people with bad back. BMW has also discontinued the model for now, so it's going to be very rare on the road, parts should be fine as it shares alot of parts between 5 and 7 series.

Small engine for 630i, but enough to power the car to 6 sec. Its alot lighter then then previous 5 series. It has the more powerful 2L engine(730i variant) as compared to the 530i. Very stable at high speed along NS highway, maybe the GT spoiler also help.

Once you subscribe to the connected booster package, the car works with natural language for navigation. The HUD is now very big and contain detail navigation route and direction though map update will be necessary sometimes.

630i still get very much the essential versus 640i. You get HUD, auto side blinds, Harmon kardon, m sports wheel and steering, m trims, panoramic sunroof, carpet lights, LED adaptive light, msport exhaust, rear air suspenison. 640i gets nappa, rear steering, adaptive cruise, 4 zone, full air suspension. The luxury specs don't have the msports features, but you get more comfortable suspension.

What I do not like
The car doesn't remember the default setting like internal air circulation, and the headlight is always on Auto mode by default. Pre LCI model can still turn off auto start/stop, but LCI now on mild hybrid.

Did I say the size is huge, it only looks small but once you drive around carpark you will know. So need to be very careful. The 640i came with rear wheel steer which will help.

HUD with bmw maps is great but wasn't working after I update with latest map. PML managed to resolve it after recalibrate the GPS.

Apple carplay is a $500 activation fee for pre LCI cars when newer idrive all getting carplay and android auto as default.

BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo Mild Hybrid
4.5 stars - based on 1 reviews