Honda Fit(Parallel Imported)

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New Honda Fit 1.3 G F-Package direct imported from Japan!
100% Delivery Track Record for more than 15 Years.
Casetrust-SVTA Accredited Company  

{#emotions_dlg.symbol_100} $1000 Drive Away!

{#emotions_dlg.symbol_100} Monthly Instalment $955! 

{#emotions_dlg.symbol_100} Ready stock with Chassis upon booking!

{#emotions_dlg.symbol_100} Comes with Guaranteed COE!

{#emotions_dlg.symbol_100} In-house Financing Available!

{#emotions_dlg.symbol_100} Full Accessories!  

Call us at 6763 7757 to speak to our Friendly Sales Consultant for more details!
Main Address: 33, Ubi Ave 3, #01-75/76/77 Vertex, Singapore 408868.

Honda Fit 1.3 G F-Package (A) - $74,988 
( 4 bid guaranteed COE without top-ups. )
For a limited period only Posted on: 27-Nov-2020
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