Toyota Prius Hybrid(Parallel Imported)

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Come and test-drive the all-new Toyota Sienta Hybrid now! Find out why it is one of the most highly sought after car in Japan! 

Venture Cars Pte Ltd Exclusive Collection Promotion

Toyota Prius Hybrid 1.5X $16,488 with 6 Bids Guaranteed COE Without Top-up!   

{#emotions_dlg.symbol_182}Lowest Interest Rate  
{#emotions_dlg.symbol_182}100% Loan Available
{#emotions_dlg.symbol_182}Comes with High COE Rebate Value 
{#emotions_dlg.symbol_182}Android Touchscreen Player<br st3

Toyota Prius Hybrid 1.8 X (A) - $163,488 
( 4 bid guaranteed COE without top-ups. )
For a limited period only Posted on: 14-Feb-2024
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