Nissan NV200(Parallel Imported)

Tan Wei Auto  |  64595535 / 92770277

{#emotions_dlg.places_69} Latest Euro 6 Engine. Immediate Delivery. Comes with 5 yr/130,000km warranty. Ready stocks @ $56,800. 

{#emotions_dlg.symbol_1} We believe in upholding honesty and integrity for ALL our business dealings
{#emotions_dlg.symbol_2} Rest assure we will treat your vehicle as our own
{#emotions_dlg.symbol_3} We listen and take all customer feedbacks attentively

Look no further than Tan Wei Auto Pte Ltd for all your motoring needs!

{#emotions_dlg.object_114} 9 Tagore Lane #02-01 9@Tagore S(787472)
{#emotions_dlg.object_33} 6459 5535


{#emotions_dlg.object_114} 60 Jalan Lam Huat Carros Centre #05-14/15/16
{#emotions_dlg.object_33} 6457 5535

For a limited period only Posted on: 25-Mar-2020
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