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Three cartoon commuters are boarding public transport in an effort to encourage travellers to be more gracious to one another.

20 Jun 2014 | Local News : Singapore

Three cartoon characters - Move-in Martin, Stand-up Stacey and Give-way Glenda - are part of this year's campaign to promote thoughtfulness which was launched by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) yesterday, reported The Straits Times.

"They are you and me, the everyman commuter, just trying to do the right thing. These characters invite commuters to deliver the positive in all of us," an LTA spokesman said.

The trio feature on posters that are being rolled out throughout the MRT and bus networks. They will also star in 30-second music videos to be shown on YouTube.

The spokesman hopes the new characters will remind commuters who may be daydreaming, watching TV dramas on their personal gadgets or listening to music to pay more attention to their surroundings.

A Public Transport Council spokesman hopes constant reminders will result in more thoughtful and considerate commuters over time.

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