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The 34th Shell Traffic Games Finals featured a different road usage experience this year - distraction of electronic devices while driving.

31 Aug 2014 | Local News : Singapore

The 34th Shell Traffic Games Finals, held on the 28th of August, was attended by 200 students from eight primary schools and saw Tao Nan School emerge as the eventual winner
The annual Shell Traffic Games, which aims to reinforce the importance of fostering road safety awareness amongst children, extended the platform to include a distracted road usage experience.

Organised by Shell in conjunction with the Singapore Traffic Police and the Singapore Road Safety Council, the experience aimed to demonstrate the potential hazards of distracted road usage including the use of mobile phones and navigational equipment.

The experience had participants under the age of 25 in the Road Safety Community Park at East Coast Park playing the Shell Traffic Games with the additional challenge of receiving and responding to text messages sent to them as they travelled from one pit stop to another.

The distracted Shell Traffic Games experience was designed following recent release of Singapore Traffic Police statistics, which found a staggering 180 percent increase in drivers summoned over the last 10 years for mobile phone use while driving. These findings were further underscored by a study conducted by students from Temasek Junior College, which found close to 95 percent of 110 young drivers surveyed admitting to distracted behaviour while driving.

Shell has been working closely with the Singapore Traffic Police since 1958 to promote road courtesy and safety, and has been the main sponsor and partner in bringing road safety education to millions of children through the Shell Traffic Games.

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