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We had some fun with the newest member in the Audi family - the A3 Sportback - the star of the A3ttraktion Zone at the Audi Fashion Festival.

16 May 2013 | Local News : Singapore

As part of the launch of the all new Audi A3 Sportback and in conjunction with the Audi Fashion Festival, Audi Singapore has organised an A3 Sportback Driving Experience at the A3ttraktion Zone @ Audi Fashion Festival.

In this activity, guests were invited to put the Audi A3 Sportback through its paces in a unique way on a specially designed obstacle course built on the F1 Pit lane.

After a comprehensive safety briefing by the driving instructors from Audi, participants were whisked off to their respective cars.

Participants had two chances of completing the course which comprised of three obstacles, each one of them designed in their own exclusive way.

Though it looked pretty much like the seesaw in the park, the ramp here was no child's play
See & Saw

The first obstacle was reminiscent of two things. The ramp in the Traffic Police driving test as well as the seesaw in the playground. However, the structure of the ramp and the modus operandi was much closer to the latter.

Participants were also not supposed to stop on the ramp and then move off as a test of their half clutch or 'biting' point skills.

Instead, they had their throttle control tested by having to slowly drive up the ramp and then align the car's side mirrors with poles on the sides.

This alignment also served as the 'braking' point where the car's weight, together with gravity, subsequently lowered the car to the other side (like a seesaw motion).

Scoring a goal wasn't easy but we got lucky
Soccer ball

Participants had a chance to be soccer stars up next - with a car. They were required to 'kick' a gigantic soccer ball with the car into the goalpost.

After making contact with the ball, the car had to be stopped before the white line or a goal (if scored) would not be counted.

A goal also entitled participants a chance to have their names entered into a lucky draw.

In the draw, test drive participants stand a chance to win a VIP package to the Audi Cup 2013, a two-day pre-season football tournament in Munich, Germany, where some of the world's best teams including FC Bayern Munich, Manchester City, AC Milan and FC Sao Paolo will compete. The winners will receive a pair of Pearl Business Class return air tickets from Singapore to Munich (via Dubai) on Etihad Airways.

No problem at all doing the slalom in the A3 Sportback

In the last obstacle, participants had to zip in and out of cones to get a good feel of the dynamics of the car. Participants were constantly reminded to have both hands on the steering wheel at the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock position at all times as well as to maintain a rhythm of accelerating and easing off to ensure smooth weaving in and out.

The A3 Sportback Driving Experience was definitely worlds apart from a usual test drive - offering enjoyment and excitement as well as making the first acquaintance with the car an unforgettable one.

The event will be on at the Pit Building from 15th May to 17th May from 4:00pm to 9:00pm and 18th to 19th May from 11:00am to 9:00pm.

For more information and to register for the test drive experience, please visit Admission is free for all who register.

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