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The myAudiworld premium customer privilege platform brings customers for a driveaway into Kuala Lumpur. We tag along to find out more.

24 Jul 2014 | International News : Malaysia

More than 30 Audi Singapore customers took some time off their hectic lifestyles and gathered on an early Saturday morning to embark on a 350-kilometre driveaway adventure to Kuala Lumpur.

Managing Director of Audi Singapore, Jeff Mannering, believes that it is extremely important to engage customers via myAudiworld
The two-day one-night escapade was the first of four driveaways this year under the myAudiworld customer privilege platform and the other three will bring customers to places like Desaru, Tangkak as well as Port Dickson.

Accompanying them on this privileged trip was the Audi A8L 3.0 TFSI quattro and the A8L 4.0 TFSI quattro.

Due to the A8L's luxurious length of 5,265mm and generous width of 1,949mm (which admittedly gives it a lot of road presence compared to other flagship models), passing through the checkpoints can be a bit nerve-wrecking for some drivers, including this writer here.

Thankfully, the car comes equipped with an on-board 360-degree camera, which will allow even the Towkay's driver to handle the car with absolute confidence. Speaking of which, the all-round camera is just one of the many cutting-edge technologies available on board that makes the A8L a tech-savvy luxury flagship.

More importantly, the A8L 3.0 is a smooth cruiser along the North-South Highway. With 310bhp and 440Nm of torque driven to all four wheels via quattro, the car serves up a delectable low-end torque that is very helpful in overtaking manoeuvres.

Even at higher speeds, the level of refinement is kept at an all-time high. And together with an adaptive air suspension as well as 19-inch wheels, riding in the A8L 3.0 is comfortable for the driver and sleep-inducing for the passengers.

An optional All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) ride was also included - yet another adventure into the jungle that allowed customers to stretch some muscles just like their cars did on the road
For some of Audi's customers, it was their first time driving into Malaysia and for others, the first time in a convoy. Along the way, customers who were more confident at higher speeds were encouraged to follow the convoy leader up in front while those who preferred to drive at a more leisurely pace would form another sub-convoy.

Apart from letting their Audi loose on the road, the fun-filled itinerary also saw customers indulging in culinary delights, shopping and entertainment. Last but not least, the convoy headed down South to Malacca for another sumptuous feast before heading home.

Established two years ago, the exclusive myAudiworld customer privilege platform is the most comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programme in Singapore.

This platform is obviously anything but ordinary. Besides allowing customers access to the premium Audi lifestyle, they also enjoy driveaways (like this one) and front row seats at bespoke events to dining and playing golf at the world's largest amateur golf tournament - the Audi quattro cup.

More relevantly, customers can also keep up to date with Audi news as well as essential information about their cars, including service records, appointment scheduling and maintenance tips.

It seems with myAudiworld, owning an Audi is more than just owning a premium car, but also owning a premium lifestyle.
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