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Charging over snowy terrain, Pierce Brosnan makes the perfect getaway in Kia's latest advertisement for its all new Sorento.

03 Feb 2015 | International News : U.S.A

Pierce Brosnan, known worldwide for his sophisticated movie hero roles, again makes the "Perfect Getaway" in Kia Motors America's 60-second commercial for the all new Kia Sorento, which will make its broadcast debut during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLIX.

In the commercial, part of Kia Motors America's multifaceted campaign for the all new Sorento, Brosnan listens to a Hollywood agent pitching a starring role in an upcoming project. As the agent describes various scenes, Brosnan confidently interjects one movie cliche after another, wrongly assuming he and the Sorento will encounter danger at every turn.

Watch the video to see how Pierce Brosnan makes the perfect getaway.

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