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At the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, Nissan launched the seven-seat version of the e-NV200, which is in demand for VIP transfer, hotels, taxis and private customers.

09 Mar 2015 | International News : Switzerland

Thanks to growing requests from companies and fleets alike, Nissan has announced it is bringing forward the introduction of the latest iteration in its electric vehicle lineup - a seven-seat version of the all-electric e-NV200.

Since its inception, a seven-seat version of the revolutionary van has always been part of Nissan's plans, fulfilling an unmet need for an electric vehicle that can move a larger number of people. From taxi fleets to shuttle services and even to large families, the seven-seat e-NV200 Evalia offers a zero-emission solution. For those with a more regular need to move cargo and an occasional need for seven seats, the Combi version of the e-NV200 can also be specified with the larger seating capacity.

The seven-seat version of the e-NV200 is configured with two seats in the front, three in the middle and two in the rear. The second row rolls forward and the third row folds to the sides to open up an enormous 2,940 litres of cargo capacity, which is enough to transport three bicycles with the wheels in place, unique in this class. With all three rows in place, the luggage capacity is 443 litres under the tonneau cover, and up to an impressive 870 litres when measured to the roof line, allowing the possibility to carry seven people and a large volume of luggage.

The new model is available with the CHAdeMO quick charging system, which gives the access to the most widely installed rapid charging system in Europe today with over 1,500 accessible points. The quick charging option allows businesses or drivers to extend journeys or do multiple short journeys in a day with a quick top up. The Nissan e-NV200 7-seat Combi is available to order from April.
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