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Pioneer has launched the its new D-Series speakers, which feature the latest Twaron technology, at the 36th Bangkok Motor Show.

30 Mar 2015 | International News : Thailand

Pioneer Electronics has launched its next generation D-Series line of entertainment speakers at the 2015 Bangkok Motor Show. Showcased at the biggest motor show in South East Asia's was Pioneer's latest in-car speakers, which are constructed from newly-developed technologies for better and more accurate sound reproduction.

The new range consists of two high-performance models that employ new technologies such as the usage of new materials for a newly-developed speaker cone that makes for an immersive audio experience, while greatly improving their installation flexibility.

The new D-Series speakers are built on the 'Open & Smooth' Sound Concept of Pioneer's PRS speakers. Open staging and sound characteristics enhance the widening effect that extends way beyond the space between speaker to create an audio experience that surrounds you, and the smooth transitions between mid-bass and tweeter will provide sound that is not marred by crossover frequency dips.

One of the key features of the new D-Series speakers is the newly developed Twaron technology. The cone for the woofers are made of high-performance aramid fibre with elastic polymer surround to offer stiffer dampening with quicker response. As a result, the new generation D-Series speakers can deliver accurately detailed sound reproduction with a wider frequency range for deep and bold bass sound. The lightweight soft dome diaphragm is also specially designed to produce exceptionally open and smooth sound quality with silky reproduction of higher frequencies.

The TS-D1730C and TS-D1330C will be available at Pioneer authorised dealers from April 2015.

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