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Pioneer has launched its latest D-Series speakers, which feature the firm's cutting-edge construction technology, in Singapore.

05 Apr 2015 | Local News : Singapore

Pioneer Electronics, one of the leaders in automotive electronics, has launched its latest in-car speaker system in Singapore. The D-Series speakers is a high-performance speaker system that employs new construction technology for clearer and more accurate sound reproduction.

The highlight of the D-Series speakers lies in its cone construction. The speakers consists of newly developed, high-performance Twaron aramid fibre cone for woofers with elastic polymer surround, which offers stiffer dampening with quicker response. As a result, the new generation TS-D1730C can deliver accurately detailed sound reproduction with a wider frequency range for deep and bold bass sound.

"Absolute fidelity to musical sources takes form from speakers that reproduce the ambience in which sounds originate, and are brought to life. The new D-Series TS-D1730C leverage on the latest Twaron technology to reproduce a wide range of frequency, delivering accurately detailed sound reproduction for the listening pleasures of both drivers and passengers", said Mr. Isao Nomura, Deputy General Manager for Business Planning and Marketing Division of Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre.

The new D-Series TS-D1730C is built on the 'Open & Smooth' Sound Concept of Pioneer's industry leading speakers. Open staging and sound characteristics enhance the widening effect that extends way beyond the space between speaker to create an audio experience that surrounds you, and the smooth transitions between mid-bass and tweeter will provide sound that is not marred by crossover frequency dips.

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