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Jaguar's #feelwimbledon campaign uses cutting edge sensors to analyse and celebrate the unique spectrum of emotions associated with the tennis tournament.

01 Jul 2015 | International News : U.K.

As part of this multi-sensory fan experience at Wimbledon, selected members of the crowd enjoying the tennis this year will be provided with biometric wristbands capturing the excitement at the tournament, whilst atmospheric in-ground sensors monitoring the energy around the courts and global sentiment on social media will be analysed. 

Information from the atmospheric sensors - which will collate crowd movement, audio levels and infrared-biometric wristbands - that capture heart rate, movement and location around the grounds - and sociometrictracking - following the conversation amongst fans around the world on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram - will provide a unique level of insight and present a completely new perspective on the greatest Grand Slam of them all.

From measuring how the crowd energy compares between Centre Court, No.1 Court and The Hill, the excitement building in the ground as the home favourite serves for the Championships, or capturing the tension on court as a key match goes deeper into a fifth set, Jaguar will celebrate these emotional reactions to critical moments throughout the tournament.
Jaguar Land Rover will supply 170 luxury, high-performance vehicles to support tournament operations. The fleet of luxury chauffeur vehicles includes the new Jaguar XE, which is now on sale at Jaguar retailers.

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