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BMW has successfully installed a unique water injection system that boosts power and torque into a 1 Series prototype.

13 Jul 2015 | International News : Germany

With direct water injection for turbocharged petrol engines, the BMW Group has again succeeded in enhancing the capabilities of conventional engine technology through an ongoing process of refinement and improvement. The precisely controlled injection of water into the engine cylinders produces a cooling effect that boosts power and torque, particularly when operating at or near full throttle, while at the same time reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

In the prototype, which is based on a five-door BMW 1 Series model, direct water injection offers an optimised balance between driving pleasure and fuel consumption in keeping with the principle of Efficient Dynamics. Direct water injection allows the potential of turbocharging to be harnessed even more effectively. The water is injected as a fine spray into the intake manifold plenum chamber where it evaporates, extracting energy from its surroundings and reducing combustion temperatures in the engine by around 25-degree Celsius.

Particularly at full throttle, this cooling effect provides a big improvement in efficiency, while helping to improve the combustion process in various other ways as well. The cooling effect provided by water injection reduces temperatures sufficiently to avoid any need to inject additional fuel when operating at or near full throttle; the homogenous fuel/air mixture and improved full-load efficiency allow real-world fuel economy to be improved by up to eight percent.

The benefits of direct water injection cooling can be utilised in various ways. Depending on vehicle type and engine, it is possible to prioritise either increased power or enhanced fuel economy.
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