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Pioneer has launched its new range of in-car entertainments product that promise greater sound quality, connectivity and usability.

08 Oct 2015 | Local News : Singapore

Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre, a leader in aftermarket car audio, has launched its 2016 range of products, comprising CD, multimedia and TV receivers, speakers and amplifiers, with the aim of improving seamless connectivity to drivers' smartphones, thereby enhancing the car entertainment experience.

The colour of the CD Receiver's screen can be customised to drivers' preferences
Eight new multimedia receivers are available in different form factors and screen sizes: Under the double-DIN category are the AVH-X5850BT and AVH-X4850DVD boasting a massive 7.0-inch display, while the AVH- X2850BT, AVH-X1850DVD, AVH-285BT and AVH-185DVD come with a 6.2-inch screen.

On the other hand, the 1-DIN AVH-X7850BT and AVH-X6850BT pack a space-saving design using a retractable slide-out 7.0-inch screen. This new range of multimedia receivers can support FLAC lossless audio that is highly sought after by audiophiles for the higher quality of music.

Another key highlight is the availability of Spotify and all that is required is a ubiquitous USB (iOS) or Bluetooth (Android) connection for Spotify to work with compatible smartphones on selected 2016 multimedia receivers. Now equipped with an improved ClearType resistive touchscreen promising better visual quality, users will be able to operate the head unit clearly at most viewing angles and even under bright daylight conditions.

Pioneer's time alignment feature automatically shifts the soundstage in front of the listeners to create the optimal in-car reproduction of music
All these models are also compatible with the latest GEX-2850DVB2 Dual Diversity DVB-T2 TV receiver. Powered by a dual-diversity chipset for enhanced stable reception over a longer distance and at high speeds, the product has been successfully tested at a range of up to 80km (Singapore and Southern Johor) and at speeds of up to 140km/h.

At the same time, Pioneer also launched its proprietary all-in-one car multimedia application, Pioneer Advanced Remote Control (ARC), which allows users to access various multimedia sources (radio, third party music apps and even video) via a centralised user interface.
The Pioneer ARC is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, and can be used with Pioneer's 2016 line of CD receivers - DEH-X6850BT, DEH-X3850UI, DEH-X2850UI and DEH-X1850UB.

Last but not least, great output is necessary with great sound and Pioneer has also introduced its latest range of speakers and a new amplifier. The 2016 lineup consists of nine models, boasting a maximum music power handling from 300W to 650W - the TS-A1606C and TS-A1306C component speaker packages with tweeters, woofers and crossover, plus the TS-A6996S, TS-A6986S, TS-A6976S, TS-A6966S, TS-A1686S, TS-A1676S and TS-A1376S standard (coaxial) three to five-way speakers. Also available is the new GM-D9605 Champion-Series amplifier, Pioneer's first five-channel kit with Class FD technology.

Prices as of press time

DEH-X6850BT CD Receiver - $319
DEH-X3850UI CD Receiver - $249
DEH-X2850UI CD Receiver - $219
DEH-X1850UB CD Receiver - $199
AVH-X7850BT Multimedia Receiver - $949
AVH-X5850BT Multimedia Receiver - $899
AVH-X4850DVD Multimedia Receiver - $849
AVH-X2850BT Multimedia Receiver - $599
AVH-X1850DVD Multimedia Receiver - $549
AVH-285BT Multimedia Receiver - $499
AVH-185DVD Multimedia Receiver - $449
GEX-2850DVB2 TV Receiver - $549
TS-A1606C Speakers - $279
TS-A1676S Speakers - $149
GM-D9605 Amplifier - $649

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