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Japanese manufacturer Daihatsu will showcase a pair of fixed-roof concept models of the Copen, in coupe and shooting brake form.

30 Dec 2015 | International News : Japan

At the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon, Japanese automaker Daihatsu will showcase a pair of fixed-roof concept versions of its Copen kei car that look even more tempting than the roadster.

For the Auto Salon, Daihatsu has created a coupe and a shooting brake based on the convertible. The coupe adopts a more rounded styling and features a sloping greenhouse leading to a conventional trunk and lip spoiler.

The shooting brake wears the more aggressive face and an elongated roofline that drops off sharply at the back.

The two Copen concepts willl be joined at the Tokyo tuner expo by an off-road-oriented Copen Adventure concept, as well as three versions of the Daihatsu Cast hatchback.

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