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BMW Alpina has teased its newest B7 model, a potent 7 Series wearing an Alpina badge on its nose, in a video of the new car undergoing track testing.

22 Jan 2016 | International News : Germany

BMW Alpina has released a new opera-accompanied teaser of the new B7 undergoing track testing.

The lightly camouflaged car is the most potent BMW 7 Series wearing an Alpina badge on its nose, with a more aggressive bumper and sharper side sills. While details are notably scarce, what can be discerned from the trailer video is an enticing exhaust note delivered from Alpina enhancements to the current 7 Series' 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 powerplant.

Check out the video above for a brief look at the new Alpina model, and look out for its official debut.
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