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Renault has unveiled the all new Grand Scenic, available with either five or seven seats and features a fresh design approach.

25 May 2016 | International News : France

Following the launch of the new Scenic at the 2016 Geneva Motor Sow, Renault has unveiled the new Grand Scenic, extending the Scenic lineup with a family vehicle par excellence that is available with either five or seven seats and features a fresh approach in term of its design. 

The five-seater Grand Scenic boasts 765 litres of boot space, which can be extended to 866 litres with the rear bench folded forward
The new Grand Scenic features Chrome or Metal Grey accessories, sculpted forms and body sides, and a distinctive belt line towards the rear, which combine to produce a fluid, elegant silhouette. For the first time in the segment, 20-inch wheels are standard, while a two-tone livery and harmonious interior trim underline the model's modern personality.

Cabin modularity and travelling comfort - which are two strengths that have helped to forge the Scenic's reputation - have been thought through to ensure that the needs of families are met even more closely.

A One Touch Folding Seat function allows the rear seats to be folded automatically to obtain a flat floor and facilitate loading. Meanwhile, the new Grand Scenic is 240mm longer than the new Scenic and consequently boasts extra boot space and carrying capacity compared with its sibling. 

The new Grand Scenic comes with a comprehensive suite of driver aids too, including Active Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection as standard equipment for the first time in the segment. The list continues with technologies from the next segment up, such as Multisense experience, a R-Link 2 multimedia tablet complete with a large 8.7-inch display and a full-colour head-up display. Last but by no means least, the fourth generation of the model can be specified with Renault's Hybrid Assist electrified diesel engine.

The all new Scenic and Grand Scenic (five or seven seats) will be available for sale in the U.K. before the end of 2016.
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