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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles debuted its first electric-powered Crafter at this year's IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover.

23 Sep 2016 | International News : Germany

With a permitted total weight of 4.2 tonnes, the roadworthy concept vehicle is powered by the 100kW electric motor up to the maximum permitted speed of 80km/h. Thanks to a maximum torque of 290Nm, which is effectively available without any delay, appropriate performance levels are a piece of cake even with a maximum load of 1,709kg.

The concept vehicle's battery pack, which is made up of 312 cells and has a total capacity of 43kWh, is accommodated in space-saving fashion under the cargo space floor. Depending on vehicle configuration, the battery unit enables a range of more than 200km. Subject to sufficient charging current capacity, the batteries can also be charged back up to 80 percent in 45 minutes.

The e-Crafter's design already takes into account future battery developments, with which - depending on customer requirements and specification - freely configurable ranges of up to 400km become possible.

The cargo space is already appropriately equipped for the challenges of tomorrow - that the courier services sector is set to face. The cargo floor elements, including ProSafe load-lashing system, Flex-Rack setup and Globelyst shelving system, come from upgrade specialists Sortimo. The concept vehicle has also been given a service station, in which replacement batteries for special cargo e-bikes can be stored and charged.

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