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sgCarMart's car-park rates guide book is now available at SPC stations island-wide, free of charge with purchase of car care products.

17 Nov 2008 | Local News : Singapore

In partnership with local parts distributor and the Singapore Petroleum Company, we are now handing out our online rates guide in the form of a booklet to interested parties.

These booklets are available from now till the end of November. There is, however, a catch - you must purchase S$10 worth of car care products from any of the SPC stations island-wide.

In a move to further promote Singapore's number one new and used car website, business development manager Vincent Tan said, "while is extremely popular and well known amongst internet-savvy Singaporeans, what we're trying to do now, is to reach out to those who are less in the know, especially drivers who do not frequent the internet."

"We would like them to recognise sgCarMart for its value when it comes to being an informative website on cars, keeping in mind our imminent expansion plans for bigger things. So far, response has been quite encouraging, and we expect stocks to finish in two to three weeks' time."

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