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Audi is the first car manufacturer to connect its cars to a city's infrastructure by displaying traffic light phases on-board the A4 and Q7 models.

09 Dec 2016 | International News : U.S.A

If you know in advance when a traffic light will switch from red to green, your driving will be more relaxed and efficient. Audi is the first car manufacturer to connect the car to the city infrastructure - an important step towards autonomous driving.

In Las Vegas, the Audi A4 and Q7 models are now able to display traffic light phases directly in the car. More U.S.A cities will follow suit, and there are plans to introduce this system in Europe. Traffic Light Information optimises traffic flow, saves valuable time and reduces environmental impact.

Audi of America is cooperating with several cities in the U.S.A to upgrade the infrastructure for Vehicle-to-Infrastructure technology. "For the first time, our cars are exchanging data with traffic infrastructure in real time. Drivers can adapt their behaviour to the situation and move through city traffic in a much more relaxed and controlled way," says Andreas Reich, Head of Electronics Pre-Development at Audi AG.

As a first step, all Audi A4 and Q7 models produced for the U.S.A market since June 2016 and equipped with Audi connect have this function on-board. In the U.S.A, municipal traffic management centres will communicate traffic light data to Audi's project partner Traffic Technology Service. Here, the data is prepared and sent to the on-board computer in the Audi via a fast internet connection, like 4G/LTE, in real time.
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