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The all new Volkswagen Crafter has returned from an epic journey covering 50,000km, 31 countries, 30 craftsmen and zero faults for the ultimate quality check.

22 Mar 2017 | International News : Germany

During the past four months, the all new Volkswagen Crafter has completed the ultimate quality check, taking a journey four times the length of the entire German motorway network. The mission - to visit exceptional craftsmen from the Arctic Circle to Morocco and from Iceland to Moscow. The result, over 50,000km, 31 countries, 30 craftsmen and zero faults. The journey began last November and finished this week, as the vehicle goes on sale, in Hanover, Germany.

Along the route, the Crafter visited extraordinary craftsmen who judged how practical, innovative and economical it is, and how it would fit with their businesses. The craftsmen were a diverse bunch - a manufacturer of bagpipes in Scotland, a windmill restorer, a royal flower supplier and a blacksmith… even Santa Claus had a visit to work out if the Crafter was a worthy substitute for his more traditional sleigh. The entire journey of the Crafter was documented through social media, as well as on the Crafter2Craftsmen website.

Over 900,000 contacts were reached via Facebook alone, providing a virtual companion for the Crafter on its epic trip. Those who followed the adventure would know that the Crafter has proved itself to be an extremely reliable vehicle for every task. The Crafter2Craftsmen has one more journey to make. It will travel from Hanover to the U.K. and make its debut on the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles stand at the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC in Birmingham from 25th to 27th April.

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