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The Renault Kangoo Z.E. has demonstrated the power of wireless electric vehicle charging with the Dynamic Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging system.

23 May 2017 | International News : France

Renault demonstrated Dynamic Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (DEVC), which allows vehicles to charge while driving, with two Renault Kangoo Z.E. vehicles capable of picking up charge in both directions along the track. Renault has participated with Qualcomm Technologies and Vedecom in designing a DEVC system capable of charging an electric vehicle dynamically with a charge of up to 20kW at speeds up to, and in excess of, 100km/h.

The dynamic charging demonstrations took place at the 100m test track, built by Vedecom at Satory, Versailles, near Paris in France within the Fabric project. The main aim of Fabric is to conduct feasibility analysis of wireless DEVC as a means of electric vehicle range extension. Qualcomm Technologies and Vedecom installed the primary part of the DEVC system in the test track, whilst Vedecom and Renault installed the secondary part onto the two Renault Kangoo Z.E.s.

The DEVC system will shortly be handed over to Vedecom to perform tests for Fabric. The tests will evaluate the operation and efficiency of energy transfer to the vehicles for a wide range of practical scenarios, including vehicle identification and authorisation on entering track, power level agreement between track and vehicle, as well as the speed and alignment of the vehicle along the track.

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