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In commemoration of NS50 and Father's Day in June, Hyundai will be celebrating an SUV month with the five-seater Tucson and seven-seater Santa Fe.

14 Jun 2017 | Local News : Singapore

In commemoration of NS50 and Father's Day, Hyundai will be launching a special Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) month in the month of June. SUVs account for one out of every four cars on the road globally. Indeed, the love for SUVs is significantly thriving in the automobile industry. In Singapore, at least 30 percent of vehicle sales accounted for are SUVs.

Hyundai is hence proud to honour those that have made sacrifices for both their family and country with two of its best-selling SUVs, the Tucson and Santa Fe. Both of which have sold more than a million globally. For its ruggedness, sporty design, and multi-purpose capabilities, the SUV is a worthy representative, as well as the epitome of a dad or soldier. During Hyundai's SUV month, there will be exclusive promotions for both the Tucson and Santa Fe.

The event will culminate in a private SUV drive trip that will serve as a fitting conclusion to this special celebration. Whether it is the five-seater Tuscon or the seven-seater Santa Fe, Hyundai has delivered an SUV that is as bright as a star. Own your Hyundai star SUV now, with Hyundai's exclusive promotion of a free bodykit worth $2,000 from now till 30th July 2017.

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