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Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre has announced its new subwoofer lineup, including the launch of its new flagship Z-series subwoofer.

23 Jan 2018 | Local News : Singapore

Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre, a leader in aftermarket car audio, have announced its latest lineup of subwoofers designed to deliver deep, powerful and accurate bass while maintaining a compact body that's easy to install. This new lineup includes the new flagship hi-res audio Z-series and powerful, all-rounder D-series models, as well as the TS-WX130DA and TS-WX130EA powered subwoofers.

The D-series subwoofers are the ultimate all-rounders
The TS-Z10LS2 and TS-Z10LS4 are Pioneer's flagship subwoofers with truly authoritative bass, and are a perfect companion for the new Z-series hi-res speakers. Experience the full impact of the deepest music notes, complete with an installation-friendly design.

Enjoy the amazing fidelity of hi-res audio with the Z-series' acoustically matched subwoofers and speakers, built from the ground up to deliver a seamless sound integration and extraordinarily deep, dynamic and detailed bass.

By incorporating an innovative Twaron aramid fibre driver and dual-layer construction, the power handling of the Z-series subwoofers is boosted with minimal audible distortion.

Unlike most traditional subwoofers that require a large enclosure, the Z-series subwoofers have a shallow profile to simplify installation without compromising performance and reliability. These models also feature a nifty rubber gasket that conceals the mounting screws for a cleaner and unobtrusive look.

The ultimate all-rounders, the D-series subwoofers are engineered with performance in mind, featuring new advancements in material science and innovative design. The new TS-D12D2, TS-D12D4, TS-D10D2 and TS-D10D4 subwoofers offer amazing, high-quality bass in terms of sheer power, depth and definition.

The Champion Series subwoofers can handle more power input without compromising sound quality
Capable of handling up to 600W, the D-series subwoofers can produce deeper and louder bass with oversized voice coils and double-stacked magnets.

Each model in the new D-series subwoofers features a variety of sizes and power handling capabilities, while sharing the same compelling sound signature and features to meet all your in-car entertainment needs.

Pioneer's tough Champion Series subwoofers are powerful, robust and can handle more power input at higher volume without compromising stellar sound quality.

The new TS-300D4 (dual-voice coil type) and TS-300S4 (single-voice coil type) Champion Series subwoofers boast dual spiders and motor assembly, which provide the driving force of massive dynamic sound true to the Champion Series name.

Extremely compact yet deceivingly powerful, the latest Pioneer TS-WX130DA and TS-WX130EA are the perfect subwoofers for cars with limited space. They are designed to fit under most car seats and smaller spaces, making installation extremely easy for just about all vehicles in the market.

With 10 new models of subwoofers to choose from, drivers can be assured that there is always a product from Pioneer to meet their individual needs. The new lineup of 2018 subwoofers are now available at Pioneer's authorised dealers. As actual product availability varies by country, please contact your local Pioneer office for more information.

For more updates on these products, please visit the Pioneer Car Entertainment Facebook page.
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