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This year's Geneva Motor Show sees Rolls-Royce return to Switzerland just after the world's media confirmed the new Phantom as 'The Best Car in the World'.

07 Mar 2018 | International News : U.K.

At this year's Geneva Motor Show, Rolls-Royce will show why it is considered to be the world's leading luxury house by showcasing three very different Phantoms curated for specific patrons of the brand.

Whispered Muse sports the first ever Rose Gold Spirit of Ecstasy
The first of these three Phantoms is known as The Gentleman's Tourer and harks back to the era of the grandest of Grand Tourers - the Phantom II Continental Saloons of the Thirties.

It sports a unique Iced Gunmetal exterior paint, complemented by a satin silver bonnet. This new paint was developed specifically for this customer to appeal to his interest in high performance aircraft, with its satin appearance reminiscent of cutting-edge military tech.

The 22-inch alloy wheel centres are also accented in Iced Gunmetal, another first use of this process on a wheel.

The interior of The Gentleman's Tourer is a masculine, utilitarian-feeling space, bespoked for the purpose of long, luxurious journeys. Tones of Black, Selby Grey and Anthracite leathers are blended beautifully by Goodwood's craftspeople across the snug cabin while details such as the embossed Spirit of Ecstasy in each door panel and the silver pinstripe across the Piano Black veneer draw the eye to the detail paid to this minimalist, modern interior.

One final precious feature confirms the technical modernity of this beautiful motor car - the Cascade Steel Gallery finished in Ruthenium, a rare and precious metal from the Platinum group. With only 20 tonnes of this metal mined annually - compared with 2,500 tonnes of Gold - this indeed is a very precious way to detail one's Phantom.

Two beautiful and very significant Phantom Extended Wheelbase also grace the Rolls-Royce stand at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Whispered Muse and A Moment in Time are the first two new Phantoms commissioned with completely one-off, artist designed Galleries. These two individual Galleries have each been developed independently of the standard Gallery offer, and independently of each other, demonstrating the marque's commitment to the maxim 'Bespoke is Rolls-Royce'.

The exterior of A Moment in Time features a newly created Blue Crystal over Milori Sapphire Bespoke paint
Whispered Muse is adorned with a one-off Gallery created by London-based designer Helen Amy Murray. This Gallery reinterprets Charles Sykes' original drawings for the much revered Spirit of Ecstasy.

By creating different planes in silk through directional sculpting, Helen has created individual contours, beautiful in their own right, that fuse together to resolve in a partial image of the Spirit of Ecstasy's dress flowing backwards from her neck.

The silk that Helen has employed is the perfect accent for this beautiful car that features unique Piano Seashell veneer on the interior surfaces, created by hand polishing for 12 hours, beautiful handstitched Charles Sykes Spirit of Ecstasy embroidery and Rose Gold Bespoke Audio speakers on the interiors of the rear doors.

The exterior features a newly-developed Crystal effect over the two-tone Selby Grey and Palais Nemaskar Dawn bespoke paint. 10 layers of paint are built up with the last being a layer of glass infused clear-coat to create the crystal effect.

A Moment in Time is a second customer-commissioned Phantom Extended Wheelbase present at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. This Phantom's Gallery captures A Moment in Time as though the Spirit of Ecstasy's shawl was allowed to drape over the car at high speed, capturing that moment that leaves time standing still.

The creation of A Moment in Time is as remarkable as its muse. A swath of silk was pulled through a tank of water, weighted and suspended, controlling this moment. Captured on camera, the resulting fluid form was then analysed by the Rolls-Royce design team and the artists of Based Upon, before being remastered in clay.

The exterior of this beautiful Phantom features a newly created Blue Crystal over Milori Sapphire Bespoke paint. Six layers of paint are built up with the last being a layer of clear-coat infused with blue glass to create the blue crystal effect. The exterior is finished with a Selby Grey coachline and pinstripes to the wheel centres.
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