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For the first round of bidding in March, COE premiums start to creep upwards, with Cat A seeing a 5.5% increase in prices.

07 Mar 2018 | Local News : Singapore

In the first COE bidding exercise for March, COE premiums start to rise across Cat A, B and E with no significant change in prices.

COE premiums for the first bidding in March see no significant change since the last tender
Premiums for Cat A, for cars up to 1,600cc in engine capacity and with an output of no more than 130bhp, increased by $2,020 (5.5%) and ended at $38,830.

Premiums for Cat B, larger cars with more than 130bhp or engine displacements larger than 1,600cc, went up by $1 (0.002%) and ended at $39,001.

In Cat E, the open category, prices also rose by $199 (0.5%), with premiums closing at $39,000.

Following the drop in COE premiums in the last tender, it is possible that some vehicle buyers have taken this opportunity to purchase new cars.

However, the insignificant increase in prices for this round could also be caused by Singapore's ageing car population, since vehicle owners looking to renew their COEs have already done so, and will not need to do it again for quite some time.
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